by christine victoria alexander

Thursday, August 11, 2016


The color yellow is popping up everywhere! I'm always a little nervous about buying yellow because I don't know if it'll look right with my skin tone, but I couldn't pass up this adorable dress! It's so light and airy and perfect for our hot, sticky, humid summers. Bright colored dresses almost don't need accessorizing  because they make such a statement on their own. I'm not a fussy dresser and I almost never wear accessories - I love simple, easy style that looks effortless and chic. This dress is all of that. I plan on wearing it through the rest of summer and then into fall with a jacket and booties.

We had Olive in the stroller while we took these pics because I was afraid she would head straight for the pond and fall in. We were almost finished when I decided to let her play a little before we got back in the car - probably should have thought that through some more... Isaac was like, "You watch her while I take your picture." Haha that did not work! When she wasn't headed for the water she was digging in the mulch getting herself covered in mud (it had rained the night before) and of course I forgot to pack wipes with me that day! Isn't that just how it goes? We got a good laugh and decided maybe next time Olive will just be part of the shoot. =)

Hope you're having a great week! xoxo Christine

YELLOW DRESS: Anthropologie (also available in white) / WEDGES: old (similar here) WATCH: Daniel Wellington / SUNGLASSES: Target



  1. Catching up a bit with your blog.
    Christine, you are lovely in anything dear. Olivia is an explorer at heart..... Love it.
    If one never explores or asks questions, one never learns anything new.
    Have fun!


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