Tuesday, November 1, 2016

^^ how has it already been a year since this picture was taken?!

The leaves are finally starting to change in Charlotte and Olive and I are going out almost every afternoon to crunch barefoot through piles of them in our front yard. I love looking for bright red and yellow leaves, but Olive prefers to look for sticks and collects them in piles on our front step.

A few things I'm loving lately:
1. GOLD JEWELRY - to me, autumn and gold go hand in hand. It's in the leaves, it's in the light, it's in the colors we wear at this time of year. I just found a pair of gold studs at the Factory sale over the weekend and it reminded me how much I love going back to basics with my accessories, especially in fall when it's already all about rich colors, textures and layering.

2. BANANA BREAD / pumpkin bread / apple bread - I don't bake very often... cooking gluten free and dairy free with little to no processed foods is not always baking friendly and I have had so many flops that I typically stick to pinning recipes instead of baking them. BUT I had a handful of really ripe bananas on my hands last week and tried this banana bread recipe (with a few tweaks) and it turned out great!

3. DRY BRUSHING - I've recently gotten back into the habit of dry brushing before I shower and can't believe the difference it's made on my skin. If you aren't already dry brushing, DO IT. You can google all the amazing benefits and there are about a million YouTube tutorials on how to do it. The next thing I want to try to implement into my morning routine is oil pulling. Have any of you tried it?

Hope you all are enjoying this beautiful season - have a great week! xoxo Christine



  1. I've done oil pulling! :) It feels healthy and slimy.

  2. I do oil pulling every morning for 10 minutes - I love it, and I have noticed a difference in my oral hygiene after just two weeks!

  3. I used to do oil pulling! The whole oily texture is tough for me to deal with but I heard it can even reverse cavities!