Wednesday, November 30, 2016

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Hellooo baby bump! I've "popped" big time and this baby is growing at lightening speed (or at least the bump is haha)! While I haven't felt a ton of movement yet, looking down and seeing the bump makes me feel so much more connected to this little life growing inside me. We have our appointment to find out the gender next week and I can't wait!!! Last weekend we crossed over the 20-week mark which means we are officially halfway - yay!

I keep trying to communicate to Olive that there is a baby inside my tummy and I think she MIGHT be starting to get it. I've been pointing to the bump saying "Baby" and whenever she lays on my stomach to cuddle with me I tell her she's giving Baby a hug. The other day when I asked her where Baby is she lifted up my shirt and patted the bump! =)

We closed on our house yesterday -  it still hasn't hit me that we'll be l i v i n g in our new home next week!  Olive and I went over to the house on Monday to meet with our realtor and when we pulled into the driveway I looked at O in the back seat and said, "This is our new home!" and she got this big grin on her face and clapped her hands and let out a squeal. I can't wait to set up her room and get her toys out - I just know she's going to love this new space as much as Isaac and I.

Hope you are all having a beautiful week! Thanks for reading! xo Christine