Friday, November 11, 2016

We bought a house!!! We move in just a few weeks! I can't tell you how excited I am! We knew we wanted to move sometime in the next year and everything just moved a lot quicker than we thought. I really wanted to move before April so I'd be able to "nest" in our new home and prepare a place for this little one that I wouldn't have to tear down and pack up right away. God provided the perfect home at the perfect time. We are so grateful and excited about this next step!

We've lived in our cute little town home for 3.5 years and while we've made many memories here, I am not sad to leave... really just excited to start the next chapter of our life in a place where we can grow our family (and entertain more)! The home we bought is big and slightly dated - when I walked inside the first time I immediately saw so much potential for what we could do with the space. It'll be a fun journey turning it into our own little piece of paradise. I'll definitely be blogging it all as we go. =)

My family has a tradition of naming the homes we live in (like Longbourn or Pemberley in Pride & Prejudice) and we've decided to call our home The Greenhouse.

greenhouse | noun
a glass building in which plants are grown that need protection from cold weather

There are lots of names for these sorts of places: conservatories, solariums, sun parlors, etc. They are so beautiful to visit - always green and full of life, even in the winter. We've always wanted our home to be a place filled with light. I love the idea of our home being a place of protection, nurturing and growth. A place where light shines and plants flourish. While we do plan to have physical plants, our plants, in a sense, are also our children - the lives that we will protect and nurture every day in this new home. I like having a name that reminds me of our intentions behind owning a home. So stay tuned for more updates on our next adventure: The Greenhouse

xoxo Christine 

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