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Monday, January 23, 2017


This weekend I started my 3rd trimester (yay)! We are soooo excited to meet this little firecracker! I've been feeling kicks and jabs 24/7 for the last couple months - she's definitely an active little thing!
I've had a lot of contractions over the last few weeks and had to really slow down and take it easy. As much as we are dying to meet our baby girl, we want her to keep cooking until April! Nesting kicked in early at like 24 weeks or something (it probably helped that we just moved into a new home) and I'm loving getting the house organized, cleaned and decorated so when baby girl arrives I can sit back and enjoy my sweet newborn in a pretty home. Down side to moving in to a new home is that every room has been taking priority over the nursery... hoping to get something sweet and pretty together soon to share with you all.

ROBE: Victoria's Secret / TANK: Blanqi

Here are a few of my favorites for the 2nd trimester (aside from the obvious bottle of water and prenatal vitamins that accompany every bump)...

Blanqi Support Tanks / I feel like a broken record talking about this brand but their pieces are just brilliant and have made my pregnancies so easy! I bought 2 tanks when I was pregnant with Olive and wore them night and day till she was born. They held up great (I don't put them in the dryer) and I've been able to use them this pregnancy, too. I wear one every day and love the way they hug my bump.

Blanqi Postpartum Leggings / because I loved my Blanqi support tanks so much I decided to try their leggings and I'm so glad I did! I bought a pair and was wearing them every day I didn't want to take them off on laundry day so I ordered a second pair so I will always have a clean pair to wear! haha I read the reviews and a lot of people said these tights weren't quite as tight and snug as they'd want postpartum, but they are the perfect amount of comfy-snug for a growing bump. If you stay kinda smallish maybe give them a try and if you tend to get really big maybe try Blanqi's maternity leggings. I don't think you can go wrong with this brand.

Spirulina Smoothies / I have low iron and during my pregnancies I drink spirulina in my smoothies to boost my iron levels. My go-to smoothie for the last couple months has been 3 bananas, 1-2 cups frozen mixed berries, 1 heaping tablespoon of spirulina and enough apple cider (not sweetened) to blend. I share this smoothie with Olive and we both love it! It's so yummy and you can't even taste the spirulina!

Boomsilk Moisturizer / ok, so there are a zillion creams on the market for you to choose from to hopefully avoid stretch marks but I've heard that you either get them or you don't. I'm not really sure the cream has a lot to do with it. That said, with both pregnancies I've been big on keeping my bump super moisturized (which also helps with itching!) and eating healthy fats. Sort of preventing stretch marks from the inside and the outside, if you will. Last time I used a pregnancy-specific belly cream and a whole lot of coconut oil. This time I'm using my current favorite moisturizer from Boom. Since it's what I'm already using on my face I was all for not having to buy a second product. My method is to moisturize morning and night and again anytime I take a bath or shower.

Bardot Dress / just came across this beauty last month and ordered one in every color! I love dresses that show off the bump and this dress definitely does that! It's also super comfy and easy to dress up or down for any occasion. I wore this gorgeous blue velvet one to a holiday party a few weeks ago and felt so pretty (not to mention in style with the popular velvet trend going on right now). Also love this long sleeved one. And you can't beat the price point! Buy 2.

Bath Bombs / our new house has a bigger master bath than our last place and I am loving it! About once a week I take a soak after Olive goes to bed. I like to light a candle and throw in a fizzy bath bomb or a few cups of epsom salts. So relaxing! Lush is usually my go-to for bath bombs, but I've been drooling over Free People's selection of bath salts and soaks lately!

We leave on our babymoon next week and I am so excited (and also completely NOT ready to leave my Olive girl for that long)! I've only ever left Olive for a date nights and this is 4 days away from her! But I think a little relaxation and quiet time away with Isaac is just what I need before this family grows by another 2 feet! Hopefully we will get pics and face time with her so I don't miss her too much! =)

Hope you all have a beautiful week! Thanks for reading! xoxo Christine


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