Thursday, February 14, 2019

You guys, I have been wanting to put a gallery wall in our family room for over a year now and finally got up the courage to do it this past week! Why are gallery walls so scary?! I am so glad I faced my fears of TOTAL FAILURE on this project and just went for it because it's the happiest wall in our house right now, if walls can be happy (they can).

We had a pretty tight budget for this project so instead of ordering new prints I used a stack of art I had sitting around. It's an eclectic mix of watercolor and marker drawings, sentimental pieces from family and pieces I did over the last 15 years. I love it!
For frames I ordered a couple from IKEA and bought the rest on Amazon after I measured my artwork. The frames from Amazon were surprisingly good quality (real glass not plexiglass!) and about the same price point as the IKEA ones so if you're in the market it's not a bad place to check! I used a couple of these Goldenstate ones and these Frametory ones and they both came with mats.

I have read so many guides and tutorials on how to hang a gallery wall - everything I had read said tape it up or lay it out so you can see everything together and then start hanging. Well I got all the pieces taped up but then realized none of them were framed and the frames take up more room so that was a little snag! I ordered all our frames, taped everything back up a second time with frog tape and texted Isaac to come home asap before any of them came crashing down! I am a picture hanging wimp so I have Isaac to thank for getting everything hung (and rehung) just how I wanted. I may tweak it as time goes on but isn't that the beauty of a gallery wall? It's a conversation piece and it makes me soooo happy!

On to our next project at The Greenhouse...


  1. Sweetie, How wonderful !!!!! Thanks for sharing your art/heart.... What a lovely Wall it is!!!! So glad you took the plunge.....

    1. Thank you! I am thrilled it turned out as well I was picturing! xx