by christine victoria alexander

Monday, April 25, 2016


Hi guys! If you're on Insta you've probably seen everyone posting bubble pictures like crazy! Seriously every time I check my feed someone else has posted one. Can't blame them because blowing bubbles is soooo much fun and a quintessential spring/summer activity! I bought some to blow with Olive but I think I'm enjoying them more. I used to blow bubbles with the little boys I nannied for all the time and have some great memories of seeing which of us could blow the biggest bubble before it burst and running around the yard trying to pop them before they floated too high. Good clean fun. =)

I got the bubbles out yesterday while we were killing some time before O's nap and I couldn't resist snapping some pics. This girl is crazy about her daddy and I love watching the two of them together! Isaac thinks she favors me, but you should see the way she lights up when he walks in the door after work! He can get her giggling so hard! When I bring her into our room in the mornings she'll crawl right over to Isaac and pat his head until he rolls over and plays with her. And if you know Olive, you know she's just like her daddy: fearless and strong willed. It's going to be fun raising this little firecracker!

Have a great week! xoxo Christine


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  1. Love these pics!! Such a beautiful daughter-daddy bond!


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