by christine victoria alexander

Thursday, August 18, 2016


Acai bowls. Yum! Olive and I tried them a couple weeks ago and we are hooked! I randomly found out there is an acai bowl food truck in Charlotte (what!) so Isaac hunted it down for us and we ordered 3 bowls of acai topped with all the things! O couldn't get enough and was literally licking the bottom of the bowl trying to get the last of it out. She started eating with a spoon but ended up just going in with her hands and made the biggest mess trying to feed herself. Strangers were laughing as they walked by and saw Olive doing her little happy dance covered in purple smoothie!

We had originally planned to eat our breakfast at a different park uptown but when we realized how close The Green was to the acai truck we decided to go there instead. It's the most perfect little green space in the middle of the city! It has a fun little splash pad with giant fish fountains - Olive looked soooo tiny next to those big fish! We had so much fun hanging out in the sunshine and meeting other parents with little kids. At one point Isaac and I were talking with another couple and I looked over and saw Olive just running around in the fountains having a blast and it made me feel SO good! Sometimes she can be so shy and clingy around other people but seeing her so happy and playing with the other babies at the splash pad took all those worries and doubts away. I love my baby girl so much! This was another perfect day. Hope you're all having an amazing summer!



  1. So delicious! And hey, sometimes only your hands will do for something so tasty! Ha!

  2. Ummmmm, that does look yummy, bowl and Olivia with the children in fountain. What fun. You are a great mom, Christine.


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