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Monday, August 15, 2016


Olive is usually in bed when Isaac gets home from work, so it's a special treat when he gets home early enough to do bath time and read stories with us. Sometimes O loves her baths and plays and 'sings' until I take her out. And sometimes she cries and refuses to sit in the water and just wants to get out and be held. Unfortunately, this was one of the fussy times, so you'll notice bath time sort of got skipped over in the photos here! After we got her dried off and in her jammies she was a little angel and sooooo cuddly. =)

MAMA TEE: ILY / O's PAJAMAS: Baby Gap / CRIB SHEET: Land of Nod / BIRDIE GARLANDLand of Nod / ZEBRA KNOBS: Anthropologie

The Story Box sent Olive two new books this month and Sheep Go To Sleep (so cute!) was one of them - it's our new favorite book to read at bedtime now! The Story Box is a neat little subscription based company that sends two new kids books every month along with some tips or ideas for how to start good reading habits with your littles. Reading with Olive is something I've done ever since she was born and I love the bond that it has created between us. I hope it's something we continue to do as she gets older.

Olive is obsessed with books right now! All day long she pulls them off the shelf and looks at them or runs over to me holding one up to read to her. I wouldn't say she has favorites, but she definitely recognizes the ones we read often. As soon as I open a book and start reading she leans up against me and puts her fingers in her mouth. It's so cute - I'm loving this stage! My brother and sister-in-law gave us the Pete the Cat: The Wheels on the Bus book and now whenever I start singing that song she runs to the bookshelf and gets the book down for me to read! I remember the first time she did that I was so excited and that night I was like, "Isaac, WATCH THIS!" Haha (#FirstTimeParents) I think we have a little bookworm on our hands. =) Hope you all have a beautiful week! xoxo Christine

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