by christine victoria alexander

Thursday, December 15, 2016


Isaac and I are so excited to start some Christmas traditions with Olive this year! Last Friday we decided to bundle up, take a day trip to the mountains and find our Christmas tree. I think we chose the coldest day of the year. Seriously. We don't own clothing meant for how cold it was. When we got to the tree farm I think it was 29 degrees. If you live somewhere where that is not cold at all (I'm looking at you, Canadian friends!) just laugh and call me a cold weather wimp!

Isaac is obsessed with the smell of Christmas trees - he was like a kid in a candy store climbing through all the trees looking for the perfect one. When we got home he was like, "Babe, smell my shirt! Smell my shirt! It smells like Christmas trees!!!" Haha I need to get him a Christmas tree candle or something. =)

We decorated our tree the next day with all of our ten ornaments (lol! Christmas newbies!) and had the best family time playing Christmas music, drinking apple cider and snacking on peppermint bark and clementines. I made sure to buy a bunch of "kid-friendly" (read, unbreakable) ornaments so Olive could help too and it puts the biggest smile on my face watching her giggle and squeal when she is able to hang an ornament on a branch all by herself =) I am loving this festive season!

TIGHTS: Blanqi / SHIRT: J. Crew / OLIVE'S PJ'S: Burt's Bees Baby

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