by christine victoria alexander

Wednesday, March 27, 2019


We're closing in on my due date and decided to take one last outing with the girls while it's just the four of us. We've been to Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens countless times and I will never get tired of it - flowers make me so happy! We just got a family pass and I'm so excited to go back all year long with the babies and see the garden through every season!
The weather was gorgeous, the girls were so good and we packed the yummiest picnic lunch! A perfect day that I am sure we will repeat again as a family of five!

Isaac is so sweet to humor me whenever I ask for photos and took some really sweet pictures of this (nearly) 40 week bump!

^ Olive took this one for me on my phone and I love it!



  1. What beautiful pictures! We have never taken our kids to Stowe - maybe we could go together sometime! =)


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