by christine victoria alexander

Friday, May 31, 2019


Hope you all had a fun and safe holiday weekend! It has been in the 90's every day this week so while it's still technically spring we are in full on summer mode with the sprinklers on, sidewalk chalk out, and popsicles in the freezer! I used to love summer but I realized after we moved here that it was the pool I loved, not so much summer. So while we wait to put in a pool we'll have to be content spraying each other down with the garden hose!

We spent a couple days at the beach over the weekend and had so much fun despite it being a very quick trip. The girls did so good in the car (something I'm always a little stressed about!) - I think we're in that fleeting perfect travel stage where Madeline sleeps the whole time and the girls are happy watching a movie. I ordered these sticker books for Olive and Rosie and now I kind of want one for myself too! So cute and reusable!

Are you an Amazon mom or a Target mom? I am 100% an Amazon mom - #homebody - I love the convenience! I love not having to strap all the kids in the car just to run to the store for one thing. I love seeing a package on my step a day or two after I order something. It's a luxury the last generation didn't have. There are probably down sides to it because there is definitely something to be said about having that human interaction when you go to a store... smiling at someone, chatting at the checkout, seeing people and being seen. But some days, some days it feels really good to stay in our swimsuits, play outside, dig in the dirt, run through the sprinkler, and watch an Amazon box get dropped off on the front step. =)

On that note, I started an Amazon list of my favorite SUMMERTIME items that I've bought (and some I have in my cart!) so take a look if you need some fun activities or birthday gifts this season! xx


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