by christine victoria alexander

Thursday, May 2, 2019


Six years together! It feels more like three, maybe. Time flies when you're having fun. Time also flies when you're in the trenches changing diapers, cleaning up spit up, chasing after toddlers, making food and wiping off jam hands all day long! We're in a season of making babies and raising babies and it's messy and fun and very very fulfilling at the same time! I have never felt so needed by my husband and children and that's a good feeling! Our days of taking a week long anniversary trip to NYC are on hold for a bit and that's ok. Sometimes we have a suit and tie marriage and sometimes we have a sweatpants and Netflix marriage and that's ok too! Below I'm sharing some of the things we've learned over the past 6 years together...

1. Isaac doesn't like fresh basil. Haha no really we have learned some serious things but I had to start off with a funny one! Did he expect to marry an Italian and get away with this?! I still cook with basil in hopes that his taste buds will get a clue one day but he's not a fan and it took me like 4 years to figure that out.

2. I am a firm believer that the happiest marriages are made up of unselfish people. Our marriage is happier when I start my morning asking myself "How can I be the best help meet for Isaac today?" I like to ask myself this when I first wake up and then make a short list on my phone before I get out of bed of the things that I know will go a long way to making Isaac happy that day. For Isaac, it's little things like keeping up with the laundry so he has clean gym clothes, prepping his breakfast for the next day or vacuuming right before he gets home so he can actually see the vacuum lines in the carpet. =)

Isaac: I've learned a tremendous amount about selfishness. It's my greatest weakness and something I have to work really hard on. Life isn't about me anymore. It's about everyone else. How I can help them, how I can improve their life, and how my actions effect them. 

3. It's ok to ask for help. This one is for me, not Isaac. I don't like asking for help and usually don't but here we are 6 years and 3 kids in and I'm finally learning to ask Isaac for help. A little. I used to feel so guilty waking him up at night when I couldn't get the baby to sleep or when one of the other babies was crying but I was in the middle of nursing, etc. Now I realize I can't do it all myself and it's going to take a little more teamwork to make this dream work!

Isaac: I've learned to read Christine's cues, when she's in pain, when she's really needing me, when I can back off and when I need to step in. 

4. We're really good at making girls. Haha if you know Isaac he's been talking about having a boy since our first baby but God had other plans! It's taken 6 years (3 babies) for us (Isaac) to realize we might just have all girls!

Isaac: As a father, it is my responsibility to set an example for our daughters for how a man should treat a woman. The example I set for my daughters is especially important because it will determine what they expect from their future husband... If God's plan is to bless us with only girls that is wonderful! I finally know how blessed I am to have my three sweet girls without a thought in the back of my head that I'm missing out by not having a son. God chose me to be a father to three little girls and for that I am incredibly grateful! 

5. Last one, we love a good cuddle but for sleeping we like our space and can't be touching each other AT ALL. Thank goodness we both feel the same about this because I don't know what we'd do if one of us liked to cuddle and one didn't, like that episode of Friends! haha


*A big big thank you to my sister Mary for taking these pictures for us last year for our 5th anniversary! I edited them but never got around to posting them so here they are! I looooved getting dressed up in my wedding dress again and think we might need to do it every 5 years! *


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