by christine victoria alexander

Monday, January 13, 2020


We're starting on our first home project of 2020: freshening up the girl's bath! We haven't done anything to it since we bought our home 3 years ago and it could use some love. It's a north facing room, painted a dull greige. We aren't quite ready to replace the cracked flooring or yank out the dated shower tile, but I think a few cosmetic updates could go a loooong way!

Here is my mood board for the bathroom. The existing tile is beige so I'm keeping the whites a little warmer. My hope is that by adding in other creamy neutrals, the ones I don't love (shower tile & vanity counter) start to blend in. I really like this shower curtain because it brings in the tan color I already have in the room but makes it cool. All the white ones I found just made my tile and shower look dingy and dated. I've had this print saved to my pinterest board for over 5 years and think it would be perfect in the girl's bathroom!

image via House of Jade Interiors

I love the how light and feminine this bath is from House of Jade. The crisp white vanity, touch of pink and a mix of brass and polished nickel finishes are all things I'd like to incorporate.

image via The Habitat Collective

Also love this bath from The Habitat Collective. I'd love to use a big, round mirror. I'm still trying to decide between hanging a light fixture above the mirror or a pair of sconces on the sides.

Here is my plan!

1. Brighten everything up with a lighter paint color.

2. Paint the vanity. The drawers are in terrible condition but replacing it just isn't an option at this point so new paint and some pretty knobs will have to do! The girls only use one drawer for their toothbrushes anyway. 😊

3. Swap out the dated flush mount.

4. Replace the builder-grade mirror. If there's one thing that instantly updates a space it's replacing anything builder-grade!

5. Update the vanity light. I will not be sad to see this one go. 🙈

6. Hang art over the toilet. Fortunately, the toilet is in great condition!

7. Update the towel bars & toilet paper holders.


8. Update the sink and bath fixtures. Hardware is the jewelry of the home!

9. Swap the shower curtain. Obviously not necessary, you can see this one is perfectly fine, but I've been staring at it for almost 7 years now and would love to change things up!

10. Give the tile floor a little love. A good scrub may lighten up the grout lines. If not, I'll dye the grout to match the tile.

That's it! Very excited to give this space some love over the next few weeks!


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