by christine victoria alexander

Friday, January 31, 2020


Are you ready for some fun? Olive is going to lead us in a metabolism-revving yoga sequence by Tara Stiles this morning! Yoga has a powerful stimulating and strengthening effect on the endocrine organs. The endocrine system regulates metabolism, growth and development, sleep, mood, and many other things. Twisting and compressing yoga postures massage the endocrine and abdominal organs, regulating their function, improving circulation and cleansing them of old stagnant toxins.
So let's get stretching and fire up that metabolism! Are you ready? We're going to stay in each pose for 5 deep inhales and exhales.
*we do not recommend wearing a real baby during this sequence 😊

1. Chair

2. Standing Forward Bend

3. Plank (bonus points if you can drop to Half Push Up and hold for 5 more breaths)

4. Up Dog 

5. Down Dog

Jump your legs forward and repeat the above sequence 4 more times.

Feeling warm now? Let's move to the floor.

1. Seated Single-Leg Forward Bend 

2. Seated Shin Hug (Olive likes to switch it up, but let's stick with the same leg for this part)

3. Seated Spine Twist 

Unwind your legs and repeat these 3 moves on the other side.

Ready to go on? Let's finish off this sequence with 2 more stretches.

1. Bridge (interlace your fingers underneath you if you can)

2. Plow (try to touch your toes behind your head - if you're comfortable in Plow you can move into a Shoulder Stand) 

You're all done! Great job! I hope you enjoyed working out with Olive today! 💛 If you want to see more Yoga with Olive let us know in the comments! xx


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