by christine victoria alexander

Tuesday, February 18, 2020


This project is taking a bit longer than I was expecting! As with most home projects we have had a couple surprises that have effected our timeline. Here's a little update on how things are going:

We painted the walls, installed a shiny new light fixture, then realized the patch job we (I) had done was no good. Everything looked fine in daylight but when we turned on the light in the evening it showed every ding, dent and rough patch where the old fixtures had hung. Isaac spent a weekend sanding and repairing the walls for me and they look brand spanking new again. Too bad he doesn't enjoy that kind of thing, it would be so fun to fix up a little airbnb together! I'm pretty sure we will fix up a little beach house one day, he just doesn't know it yet. But back to the bath, we repainted after repairing the walls and reinstalled the light fixture. I love the polished nickel!

We hit another little snag when we went to swap out the faucet. The one I ordered didn't fit so I ordered a new one and it will be here next week! In the meantime, we have a busted pipe to repair because pipes from the 80's don't last forever. Another project for Isaac...

I sanded down the vanity and gave it a fresh coat of paint in the same color as the walls. The previous owner had painted over the original brass knobs so I stripped the paint and put them back on. Hinges and doors will go back on this weekend.
I'm ordering a big, brass mirror to go over the vanity that will tie in the knobs, the shower rod and the shelf over the toilet. I'm so excited seeing it all come together!

We installed a fixed shower rod (the last one was a tension rod that fell down every other week), hung a new curtain, bought a fresh bath mat and mounted three shiny new towel hooks which just feel a little more casual and kid-friendly than a towel bar.

So what's left?
- Installing the mirror
- Plumbing repair & installing the new faucet
- Mounting the toilet paper holder
- Updating the tub spout & handle
- Updating the ceiling light
- Artwork

We've made some great progress but I'm still kind of bummed it's taking so long! I wish I knew how to do more of the electrical / plumbing things so I didn't always have to wait for Isaac to do it on the weekend. Adding that to my list of things to learn...
I have been really careful to do this whole project without going over my allotted "home allowance" each month, so while it feels like we're moving at a snail's pace, I am really proud of myself for staying on budget!

I'm hoping we'll have everything finished up in the next couple of weeks and will post the before/afters and all the sources then! Thanks for following along!


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  1. Soooo pretty! Love that shelving unit, bathrooms should have way more storage than they usually come with. :-)


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