by christine victoria alexander

Friday, March 13, 2020


We took advantage of the sunny weather this weekend and took the girls to visit an alpaca farm! Good Karma Ranch is a short 40 minute drive from Charlotte and run by the sweetest family. Shelly gave us a tour of the farm, taught us all about these gentle creatures, and even let us take selfies with the alpacas before we left! I learned so much and almost wish we had room for one of these real life teddy bears in our own backyard.

The alpacas were so friendly! I had never met an alpaca before so I didn't know they make the most adorable humming noise! It sounded so much like a child humming I thought it was Rosie at first. Shelly warned us that the girl alpacas were all pregnant and grumpy when we visited but I thought they were so sweet and gentle! We got to meet a couple of the babies too and they were so soft and playful and especially attentive to the children in our group.

It was not love at first site for the girls. 😂 They haven't had a ton of experience around pets/animals and got a little nervous when their personal space was invaded! Rosie warmed up eventually and was brave enough to pet baby Tessa. Olive's favorite part of our day trip was the tailgate picnic we had after the tour. We might have to come back when Madeline is a little bigger to see what she thinks of the alpacas.


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