by christine victoria alexander

Thursday, April 16, 2020


Three years ago when we bought our home it had a gravel front yard, a big pile of dirt in the backyard and ivy growing everywhere. The deck was hanging on, but barely. We made it three years with that dilapidated deck and this spring decided it was time to rebuild it.

Our family spends a lot of time outdoors so making the deck bigger this time around was a no brainer. I also decided to add a second set of stairs in the center of the deck to break up the length. I love the way it opens everything up to the backyard. We originally planned to build a pergola over the left side but ended up deciding it was more feasible to do the deck now and add the pergola later if we want.

Image via This Old House

When it came time to choose a railing I knew I wanted to make it a little more interesting than what was there when we moved in, while staying true to the traditional style of our home. I showed this picture (above) to our builder and he said he could do it! I love how it turned out! Classic, with a twist.

^^ A quick reminder of where we started: weird overgrown variety of jasmine that never bloomed, leaning rail that would lose a picket in every storm and deck boards so rotten we had to dodge the holes whenever we came out here! 

We were told to wait a couple of months before painting or staining the deck so the treated wood can dry out a bit. I can't wait! I think I will stain the deck portion and the handrail and then paint the railings white. Something like this...

Image via Pinterest

We're going to tackle enclosing the underside of the deck this week! Our backyard is on a hill so one side of the deck has 6 inches under it and the other side has 6 feet. I think enclosing it is going to make a huge difference. Once that is done the landscaping starts! I did a sketch of our home on my computer so that I could figure out what I wanted to plant and where. I want to incorporate herbs, flowers, and evergreens but need to take into consideration how shaded our backyard is. In this sketch I've incorporated a Nellie Stevens holly, Endless Summer hydrangeas, Yuletide camellias, boxwoods, hostas, lily of the valley, a variety of herbs, and star jasmine growing up the lattice that will enclose the deck. Once I have this foundation planted I would like to plant more flowers. Foxgloves and blue globe thistles are on my list! If you have any shade loving flower recommendations send them my way!

Maybe this fall I can convince Isaac to build a pergola for me so I can hang baskets of flowers from it like this. 😍 Sending you all big hugs! xx

Image via Pinterest


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