by christine victoria alexander

Friday, May 22, 2020


It's been raining non stop for 3 days in Charlotte, so what better time to share my new rain boots with you? I wear boots for gardening and watering the plants every day. They're easy to slip on and off and keep me dry better than clogs. My old ones were hand me downs from my mom that lasted me 7 years, but they bit the dust this spring when they cracked and started letting in water.

I came across these short Hunter "play boots" and loved them right away! The colors are fun and the speckled sole adds interest. Isaac laughs when he comes downstairs and I'm wearing them with my pajama pants. They're just so fun! I'm thinking about getting a second color so I can wear a pair out and still have one for getting muddy.

Olive just outgrew her boots from 2 years ago (she really squeezed them on the last 6 months because she didn't want to part with them) so I ordered her this pair from Amazon that's under $20. She requested yellow but I was secretly hoping she'd go for the lilac or green! I used to nanny for a girl that always had her kids in rain boots and I couldn't understand why they were always wearing them even when it wasn't raining. Now I get it: 1) kids love boots, 2) kids can pull boots on with no help. 🙌 So now my kiddies are the ones in rain boots all the time and I love it.

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