by christine victoria alexander

Monday, May 4, 2020


Last weekend marked seven years since Isaac and I married under the chuppah on a cloudy spring morning. We planned to celebrate this milestone paddle-boarding into the sunset at the U.S. National Whitewater Center, but we'll have to postpone that for another time. We celebrated with a simple (and delicious) dinner at home, surrounded by our three wonderful girls. It is so good to love and to be loved!

We spent the weekend in our favorite place - the outdoors. Isaac even commented how funny it was that the living room stayed clean all day because we were never in it. 😂 I bought these cool frisbees to try and they have been so much fun! We play almost every evening with the girls. They are so easy to throw even Rosie can do it!
Drawing giant chalk towns on the driveway is becoming a weekly activity. The girls decide what will go in the town, I draw it, and then they scooter through the streets stopping in at all the shops. This week there was a park with swings and a very big slide, a garden supply store, a "store with beach toys and stuff", a smoothie shop, a library, and houses for each of the girls. We later added a private lane between the girls' houses so they could visit each other anytime without going on the main road. Can you tell we are serious about our chalk towns?

On a different note, I have been living in the same two t shirts and shorts for the last month and decided it was time for a change. I bought this cute striped dress (on sale for $45) along with this $19 straw boater that I will wear all summer. They arrived on my anniversary and I couldn't wait to put them on. It made me so happy to spend the day twirling and dancing around in a dress. I think it will be a summer of dresses for me!

Isaac had a pile of mulch the size of our house delivered a few weeks ago and we are so close to having it all spread! It might sound like an awful chore but I really enjoy having a project, especially an outdoor one, so I've actually looked forward to chipping away at it every day. The big girls scooter along side me as I work and love to bring the empty wheelbarrow back up the hill to the mulch pile. Madeline is either napping or riding in the wheelbarrow as I cart back and forth. We make it fun!

Can't wait to give you all a little tour of the backyard soon! Have a wonderful week! xx


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