by christine victoria alexander

Wednesday, May 27, 2020


Our deck furniture arrived and yowza is it good! I always feel a little nervous ordering big furniture items online, but lucky for us everything showed up exactly as we were expecting, if not better! Our backyard faces south so we get to watch the sun come up in the mornings while we sit on the sofa, and then the sun sets behind the couch bathing the whole deck in this heavenly golden light. It's been overcast and cloudy the last few days but tonight the sun peeked out just in time for golden hour and I couldn't help but run out there and snap these pictures with everything all lit up so pretty.

A bunch of you reached out to me on Instagram asking where we bought our sofa and chairs so I've linked everything here for you! I originally looked at the Madison sofa from Ballard's but wasn't ready to shell out $1500 for our outdoor sofa so I found a dupe at Ashley's for half the price and I love it! It's super solid, the cushions are firm, and the covers are removable for washing. Just absolutely giddy about it!
The chairs are from Target and made from a plastic wicker material that makes them really easy to spray off whenever they get covered in sticky strawberry fingerprints. 😉 The cushions and pillow covers aren't removable, so I'm just planning on swapping them out in a year or two with washable ones.

The blue and white rug is an indoor outdoor rug I found on and so far it's holding up great. Mine is 9x12. Great price for such a big rug!

The coffee table is our indoor coffee table and it's actually broken, but we have it out here because we spend more time out here than we do in our living room. I'm trying to decide if it would be fun to build a round concrete coffee table or if I should go with something easier to move around. There's already a lot of wood going on out here... maybe glass? What do you think?


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