by christine victoria alexander

Monday, June 1, 2020


I'm starting on a new project! I know what you're thinking. What about the bathroom reveal we're still waiting on?? I'm sorry! I can't wait to share that space with you, but I'm still waiting on a mirror (kind of a big deal in a bathroom!) and it's been backordered for months. So while I wait on that I'm hopping over to Olive and Rosie's room to freshen things up!

Let me give you a little background on their room. When we moved in the walls were painted beige like every other room in the house. Last year I painted the walls a bright peachy pink to infuse the space with lots of cheerful color. I told myself it wasn't too bright, it was just brighter than we were used to, since every other room was still beige...

I found a pair of antique french twin beds on Craigslist and we went and picked them up one weekend. They were high-end antiques and I planned to resell the pair for a significant profit, but when we got them home Isaac fell in love with them so I scratched the idea to sell them and agreed to try them in the girls' room. As soon as we got them set up in the room I knew something was going to have to change. The walls accentuated all the pink tones in the mahogany beds and made the room feel even pinker.

We went back and forth deciding if we should paint the walls or the beds and decided the walls would be easier. I'm still not 100% sure about the antique beds, but I think I can create a design plan that embraces the character of the beds and pairs it with fresher, lighter pieces so the room doesn't feel too heavy.

The girls' room is large with one window and a walk in closet. Don't be fooled by that pretty pastel peachy pink in the photos. The paint is about 50% brighter than it shows in these pictures! 😬

My plan is to paint the walls something soothing, add a rug over the carpet, layer pretty patterns and airy textures, hang curtains, find a lamp or wire a ceiling light, and maybe add some crown molding so it feels a little more finished. The girls have a dresser in the closet, but I think the room feels a little off balance with the beds on one side and nothing on the other (the crib isn't staying in here) so I might try using a dresser on the opposite wall to visually balance things out. I'm picturing a low dresser with a big mirror over it that could reflect all the light coming in from the window.

Here is some inspiration I pulled from Pinterest followed by my idea sketches for the room!

To balance the heavy antique beds I want to incorporate whites, light blues, pinks, peaches, baskets and woven textures. Olive likes happy colors (especially yellow), artwork, stripes, and animals. Rosie likes soft blankets, stuffed animals, flowers, dolls, and pink. I am so excited to make this room look prettier, but also to create a space that my girls will enjoy going to bed in and waking up in every day. Okay, I'm off to start painting!


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  1. I LOVE that you are taking the girls' loves and interests into consideration as you redo the room - I feel like too often it's tempting to run with our own style and preferences and forget that there is someone else involved who has opinions too! :-D


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