by christine victoria alexander

Friday, July 31, 2020


I'm fed up!

Earlier this week I posted this video of America's Frontline Doctors doing a press conference sharing their medical findings and encouraging Americans not to continue living in a web of fear. They shared about how we should not be afraid of Covid-19, they talked about a cure with an incredibly high success rate (hydroychloroquine), and how children aren't the ones spreading this disease so school restarting should be absolutely fine!. The core of their message was so positive: American lives matter, we have a cure for Covid-19, let's use it and start LIVING again!

That video was completely scrubbed from the web within 24 hours. Friends, we can't get rid of child pornography but we can scrub a video of notable doctors sharing an unpopular opinion in a matter of hours. Riddle me that. Facebook censored it, Instagram censored it, YouTube censored it, Twitter censored it and blocked accounts promoting it. If you even "liked" or "shared" that video on Instagram you got a message back from Instagram saying they noticed you "liked" or "shared" a video that contained harmful false information and it has since been removed.

If you're wondering why, let me tell you. That video goes against their agenda. It's not acceptable for you to believe that hydroxychloroquine can save lives, it's important that you continue living in fear, keep wearing that (useless) mask, and keep waiting until the vaccine is released.
This is disgraceful.

This quote has been circulating on Instagram and Twitter since then and I couldn't agree more:

"There are always opposing views in medicine. Treatment options for Covid-19 should be debated, and spoken about among our colleagues in the medical field. They should never, however be censored and silenced." 

I hope this post wasn't just thought provoking but action provoking. Are you fed up? Let's start thinking for ourselves, standing up for our freedoms, and stop living in fear! Happy Friday, friends!


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  1. Keep shouting until Conservatives hear you.
    Conservatives must WAKE up, not woke up.


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