by christine victoria alexander

Tuesday, July 28, 2020


I am constantly looking at homes for sale in the area just waiting for our "dream home" to pop up now that we have a better idea of what we want 10, 20, 30 years from now. I'll frequently see one and send it to Isaac, and let me tell you, when we first got married he would send back a puzzled, "Is that your style??" and it wasn't until years later he learned that I see everything through a "IT HAS SO MUCH POTENTIAL" lens. Isaac was not born with the ability to see a room or a house and change the color or the size or move the walls around in his head. But that is literally ALL I see when I search home listings: the possibilities! (Oh and he gets it now. He's actually started sending me homes saying, "I bet you could do something amazing with this!!" 💛)

So anyway, I thought it would be fun to show you a little bit of how my brain works! I view every home for sale as a blank canvas just waiting for me or you or someone else to come along and make it their own. There are plenty of very dated homes in the Charlotte area being sold for less because they need work to bring them up to date. Honestly, that's my favorite kind of home to find! I would rather buy a dated home and make it exactly what I want than buy a home completely updated in someone else's style that I have to live with!

Here is a listing for a home on 2.5 acres in Waxhaw (just a little ways outside of Charlotte for those of you who aren't local) that caught my eye. I'm a sucker for white brick so I immediately want to paint the brick a soft creamy white for less 90's and more french countryside.
*images via Zillow & Pinterest

Anytime I see a home like this I always look to see if the kitchen has any potential. This kitchen is full of very nice appliances and new cabinets but it's smooshed into the corner of the room and it looks a little awkward! 

I would tear out the old kitchen and dining area, (save the appliances) and turn the whole thing sideways to face the family room like these spaces designed by Chango & Co. and Studio Ezra.

There may not be room for the kitchen table to run lengthwise through the room but it could run horizontally or the kitchen island could be used as the kitchen table like The Fox Group did here:

The window next to the dining area could be turned into the window over the sink. 

Moving on to the master bedroom. I love that it's on the main floor and has a walk-out to the covered deck. The windows on either side of the bed are pretty - try to see past the curved walls and the drapes... 

The master bath is another awkward design with the tub smooshed into the corner. There is a walk in shower, double vanity and a water closet. Just needs a little updating. Because of the awkwardness with the tub I would consider extending the shower to the windows where the tub is (I love the idea of natural light in a shower!) and putting the tub inside the shower. 

Skipping past the other bedrooms and the workout room - the last thing I check is the outdoor area. This home has room for entertaining, a big pool, and beautifully landscaped grounds. The only area that I think needs a little love is the covered deck "with retractable awning." 😂 Nothing a coat of paint can't fix! 

And there you have it! I hope this was fun! Tell me, do you do the same thing when you see dated listings or is hard for you to picture? Isaac and I talk a lot about custom building a home in the future but when it comes down to it I'll bet we end up buying something old with good bones and renovating it! I love a good before and after!
Hope you are having a great week! xx


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