by christine victoria alexander

Wednesday, July 1, 2020


We spontaneously decided to visit Kiawah Island on our way home from Savannah and found an airbnb available just a 4 minute walk from the beach. Kiawah is beautiful! It was a our first time here and the beach was so pretty. Very clean, not too crowded, family friendly, lots of people riding bikes to and from the beach. We are huge Hilton Head fans and I think Kiawah has a similar feel, but I was disappointed there was not a single health food grocer anywhere nearby. I searched for a Whole Foods, Fresh Market, even a Publix and couldn't find anything. So I love Hilton Head just a teeny bit more because it caters to health nuts like me that drink smoothies and buy organic!

We had mostly cloudy weather which was actually pleasant because we spent all day on the beach but didn't feel fried at the end of the day thanks to all the cloud cover. 
Olive played from the moment we touched the sand to the moment we walked up to the house. She doesn't stop - it can be freezing water or cold and windy and she will have fun! She has become incredibly independent over the last year and will march ahead of us leading the way or leave the tidal pools to go dig near the "big waves" with her bucket and shovel. 
Rosie enjoys the water but if she's cold or tired she curls up in a towel in her beach chair and snacks on pretzels or people-watches. She likes to be close to us and cuddle. She would love nothing more than to spend the whole day wrapped in a warm towel snuggled up with Isaac and I. She really really loves physical touch and closeness. 
Madeline was such a joy to watch this year - the beach is still so new to her and she loves it! Tidal pool queen! She sat and splashed and played with the little ice cream sand toys we brought. She rolled on her belly and pretended to swim and kick her feet. She ate the sand. She tried to pick up the hermit crabs. She waved and smiled to everyone. She walked up and down the beach with me picking up shells. I loved watching her take everything in and explore. 

Here is my short photo diary from the trip... 

After a particularly sandy day on the beach the girls all hopped in the shower with me to rinse off. Afterward, we sat on the deck eating cherries while Isaac cooked dinner. It just felt like one of those moments that I'll hold onto for a long time. The girls all licking their stained fingers and spitting their pits out laughing at who got theirs the farthest. Madeline discovering cherries for the first time. The salty air. The best memories really are made in the simple little moments between all the big ones. 


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