by christine victoria alexander

Tuesday, August 11, 2020


If you ever want to take a peek into a person's current interests, style, cravings, etc just take a scroll through their Pinterest feed. It's usually pretty easy to see what they're loving lately! I love Pinterest and find so much inspiration there for design, style, and photography.

I have a bunch of boards I pin to regularly with things I'm loving and then I have a bunch of hidden boards I pin to for each project I'm working on in our home. When I want to freshen up a space I pin ideas that inspire me and then I'll start pinning items I see like artwork or a bedspread or a mirror that I might actually buy or look similar to something I have already. It really helps me to see everything in one place - like an online mood board!  

Pinning to boards is also a great way to find your style. I've been pinning home inspiration for years and recently decided that I wanted my home to be a fresh, coastal-inspired experience filled with blue and white. I started pinning coastal interiors filled with seagrass, rattan, and every shade of blue. Something wasn't working - things I loved didn't seem to fit into my new design plans. I started to feel like my design sketches were looking less and less like "me". So I went back to pins before my "blue period" and I realized they all had something in common: NEUTRALS. Warm neutrals. Sunlight shining in on creamy paint. Golds and yellows and brass. Tan and oatmeal and cream and camel. Textures. Wood and rattan and cane and linen. I still love a coastal palette but I think I'll save that for a home that is actually on or near the water.

I think decor looks the most effortless and natural when it's a continuation of it's surroundings. There is a reason coastal homes are usually decorated in whites and blues. They are a continuation of the ocean, the sand and the sky. Mountain cabins are usually filled with lots of wood and cozy textures that make you want to curl up and read a book like you're tucked away in a treehouse outside. Decor and color palette also set the tone for a home. Vibrant colors create energy and excitement, light colors create calmness and relaxation. I love color but get bored easily and like to change things up so using bold color is easier in my wardrobe than my living room! And because life with littles is already exciting enough I'm craving a calming neutral environment that I can change up with artwork, prints, wallpaper, etc when I want a fresh look.

Here is what I've been inspired by lately, thanks to Pinterest! In between neutrals in my closet and home I'm definitely getting excited about this little baby and can't wait to dress him/her in all the cozy knits!


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