by christine victoria alexander

Tuesday, August 25, 2020


I'm doing a happy dance today because we (finally) finished the Girl's Bath project we started months ago! I'm so happy with how it turned out! We weren't doing a big gut or anything, just trying to brighten things up a little to make it prettier and I think that's just what we accomplished! 

My goal for this room was to make it light, airy and feminine. (Read more about my inspiration here) The first thing I did was paint the previously gray walls a light, creamy off-white. It made things so much brighter! (Read about the paint I chose here) I painted the vanity the same shade as the walls and cleaned up the knobs with steel wool. 

We swapped the dated vanity light, towel bar, and faucet for pretty, polished nickel fixtures. When we went to hang the mirror it didn't fit between the wall and the light fixture - the glass globes were too big. The mirror was the perfect size for our space so I ordered a new light fixture and, honestly, I love this one more than the first one I picked! 

Instead of art over the toilet I decided to do a shelf, and then hang art on the wall to the side of the toilet where you can see it from the hall as you walk by. I think a space feels most complete when you can stand anywhere in the room and find a pretty view. 

I find towel bars a real pain, especially when you have more than one or two towels to hang! I went with towel hooks in here and I think they are much more practical. They're so friendly and approachable, don't you think? I upgraded our ratty, 7-year old towels with these plush organic ones in a warm oatmeal color. Can't say enough good things about them - I'm buying more for our master bathroom!

We hung a wall mounted shower rod above the tile which gave this whole shower nook a major lift. Such a simple upgrade but it made a huge difference. 

My sister told me the other day that I had expensive taste and I said, "What?! No. I don't need the best of the best for everything. I'm practical!" But maybe she's right, to some extent. I could have bought everything for this bathroom at Target or Home Goods, but I didn't. I love a good deal as much as anyone, but I really enjoy finding pieces that are unique, well made, that will last me years and years. Those kinds of pieces usually do cost more and I'm okay with that. For me, this is a form of art. I love making things look beautiful and I'm not necessarily concerned with doing that the cheapest way possible. I save a little where I want and splurge a little where I want. I've linked most of the pieces I used for this project, but if you are trying to decorate on a budget then of course you can find similar items at Target, Home Goods and World Market! 

A couple things we will circle back around and do in here at a later date include replacing the tub, retiling the shower and upgrading the tub fixtures. For now, this is a huge, huge improvement! 

That's a wrap on the Girl's Bath! On to our next project! xx


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