by christine victoria alexander

Thursday, September 10, 2020


We went for our gender ultrasound last week and got to see our sweet little baby for the second time! Oh my goodness, it never gets old! I was just as excited to find out what we were having this time around as I was the night we went to find out the very first time with little baby Olive kicking around inside me!

I am so grateful our ultrasound technician allowed Isaac and I to come together to the appointment - I have a few friends going in for prenatal appointments and ultrasounds that haven't been able to go with their spouse and I think that's awful! I told Isaac if that had been the case here I would have had her seal the gender in an envelope so we could find out together! Maybe I'm sappy and sentimental about all of this, but I think it's a really special time! 

And now for the important news: The Alexander family is thrilled to announce we will have another BABY GIRL joining us this winter! Before we left for our appointment I was thinking how grateful I am that we don't have to make the decision of what will have (boy / girl) ourselves. (How stressful that would be!) God shapes our families in His own perfect way and I'm thankful to Him for choosing exactly what we needed, even before we knew. We went into our appointment completely at peace and couldn't be happier to have another daughter in our arms soon! 

We told Olive and Rosie when we came home for our appointment - they are beyond excited for another girl! Olive keeps saying "I'm just so happy we're having a girl!" and has been counting how many girls will be in our family and reminding me daily. Rosie has told every single person she's seen (complete stranger coming to give us a quote on tile work, UPS man, Amazon delivery woman, grocery delivery woman) "We're having a baby girl!!!" so I think she's excited! That, or she just likes to have news to share! 😂 

Yes, a lot of people thought we would be having a boy! I think it's just rare to see families that are all boys or all girls so people expect as you have more and more kids that eventually you'll have a different gender. Haha not us! I honestly could not be happier and more excited to raise these little women. Thank you for sharing in our excitement and celebrating with us! Love you all bunches! Sending big hugs! xx

P.S. Isaac is the best girl dad in the whole world. I have a million pictures and memories to prove it. He is already taking them golfing and teaching them how to throw a baseball and I love that he doesn't think of those things as only things he could do with a son. He will teach them to be brave and try anything - and they'll teach him to soften up and show his tender side a little more. When they pile in a heap on the couch together there is so much love you can feel it across the room. I'm getting butterflies thinking about adding another little squish to this group in 4 1/2 more months! 💛


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