by christine victoria alexander

Thursday, September 17, 2020


My favorite part of the holidays is making memories with my family. I love finding ways to get the girls involved and excited about what we're celebrating. For Rosh Hashanah this year we colored and painted paper apples to use as place cards on our dinner table. Apples and honey are traditionally eaten at Rosh Hashanah to symbolize our prayer for a sweet new year - we wrote the phrase "Shanah tovah umetukah!" on each apple, which means "A good and sweet year!" in Hebrew. I'm sharing the step by step below for this fun project you can do in an afternoon with your littles! 

P.S. These make adorable Rosh Hashanah cards to mail out to friends using just the piece of the apple with the stem and leaf!


Supplies: watercolor paper, scissors, watercolor pencils, paintbrush, cup of water

1. Draw an apple on sheet of watercolor paper. (Sorry, it's a little hard to see!) Cut it out and use it to trace a second apple, but this time add a stem and a leaf at the top. Once you have one you can use it as a template for the rest of your apples. I made my apple about 5" wide and 4" tall, not including the stem. 

2. Cut out the apples. If you're making a bunch, trace and cut them all out now so you can do the next few steps all at once. 

3. Color both sides of the apple with watercolor pencils. We colored hearts, flowers, people, rainbows, handprints... I think it helps to keep the color scheme mostly green or red so it resembles an apple at the end. 

4. Paint both sides of the apple with water to activate the watercolor pencil. Let it dry.

5. Once dry, slice the stem apple halfway up from the bottom to the center. Slice the apple without the stem halfway from the top to the center. 

6. Slide the two pieces together to create an apple. Write your name on the leaf and add a holiday wish if you like.

If you make these I would love to see - send me a picture or tag me on Instagram! Shana tova! xx


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