by christine victoria alexander

Friday, September 18, 2020


Goodbye summer! Hard to believe the sunniest season will be over in just a few more days. It felt so fast this year. I spent most of the summer with my head in the loo, thanks to lovely morning sickness and was starting to feel a little sad that I hadn't been up to planning more picnics and parties and beach trips and all the things that make me so happy during the summer. But after taking a little scroll through my camera roll last night it turns out, despite morning sickness, despite covid-19, we fit in quite a bunch of happy memories, a couple of absolutely wonderful trips and so much silliness and fun-making in our own backyard! I wanted these summer memories to live on my blog, probably more for me than you, but scroll through if happy little smiles brighten your day. These girls really are my sunshine every day and I can't wait to see what kind of memories we make together this fall! 

a trip to savannah, tybee island & kiawah island

enclosed the new deck, planted bunches of hydrangeas / madeline loves hats

madeline figures out a way to ride the tricycle - happy 4th of july!

snuggles with daddy / olive's new bike

olive turns five! photo thanks to my sister morgan =)

 kiawah island - right after i told isaac we were pregnant

artwork by olive / madeline really does love hats

madeline climbs up at least once a day to "play" for us

new game thanks to our sweet friend jenny / thirsty madeline

rosie harvesting tomatoes on the deck / yummy produce from mom's garden

olive's first tomato

madeline at the farmacy / new swimsuit for a growing bump

shabbat flowers the girls picked me / olive and madeline cooling off in the heat

taking a dip in our new mini pool thanks to our sweet neighbor / thumbs up for story time

family vacation at holden beach

great year for shelling - the first two of twenty-eight olive shells i found!

the sweetest sisters

happy girls peeking in the kitchen window / daddy & madeline


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