by christine victoria alexander

Wednesday, September 2, 2020


Well here we are, coming up on 4 years in the house, and finally ready to pull the trigger on a major kitchen facelift! I would have loved to do this right after moving in, but it was too big of a project to take on right after buying the house (aka depleting our nest egg). 

We are currently in phase 1 of this project: gathering quotes, picking out materials, and putting everything on a mood board so we can see all our ideas in one place. I'm not 100% decided on paint colors, tile, wood, countertops, etc at this point so it feels a little scary putting all this out there when things may change quite a bit, but I'm telling myself you all appreciate the real inside look at this process and can handle a few design flip flops along the way! 

While this is technically the The Great Kitchen Makeover of 2020, we are also getting wood floors in our family room put in at the same time. Another room-full of carpet GONE! I am so excited. I would have zero carpet anywhere if it were up to me. (Bring on all the rugs though!)  

Note: We have no idea how long this will take. I told Isaac that as long as everything is done by the time the baby comes we're good! 

Here are pictures of our current kitchen and our plan for this space:

1. Level the floor and either retile or carry hardwoods through here. Our kitchen, back entry and laundry room floors are majorly sloped. The house was sinking when we bought it. We poured quite a bit of concrete (also, money) into the foundation and now it's not going anywhere, but the floor needs to be leveled. Are you team tile or hardwood in the kitchen? 

2. Remove / level the breakfast bar. Not a fan of the breakfast bar. There isn't room at the counter for stools - I can't use it for cooking or eating at - so it just ends up being a catch all for papers, packages, stacks of coloring books, etc.

3. Paint the cabinets. We have good, solid cabinets and I like that they extend all the way to the ceiling. Going to trim quite a bit of cost here by not buying new or refacing and just working with what we have.

4. Update the appliances to stainless steel. We have a double oven but actually can't use the ovens at the same time OR the cooktop at the same time as the oven and we're hoping to correct all that during this process! 

5. New countertops. I. can't. wait. I'm probably most excited about this part. We're going to pop in a new sink and faucet while we're at it. 

6. Paint the walls. You know I'm going brighter!

7. Last but not least, upgrade lighting and cabinet hardware, etc. 

Probably forgetting a few things here or there but that's most of it! So, what do you think? Can we get it done before 👶 ?


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