by christine victoria alexander

Wednesday, December 2, 2020


We still don't have cabinet doors but that's not stopping me from tackling the heap of kitchen items in my dining room! I am slowly, and intentionally, finding new places to store everything. When we moved into this house the kitchen was as big as out entire downstairs at our old townhouse. I'm being serious. I think I filled up maybe 3 of the kitchen cabinets with all of my cookware. 4 years later... our family has grown, my cookware collection has grown, we entertain more, and it's time to start filling these cabinets! I never really liked using the lower cabinets because they were so dark and the idea of reaching around in one to fish out a mason jar for a smoothie sounded gross. I mostly used the uppers and stored odds and ends like booster seats or placemats in the lower ones. As we start to put the kitchen back together, I really want to utilize the space a little more, be more practical with my storage, and really make my kitchen work for me

We (literally Isaac and I - I am SO proud of us for doing this ourselves!) installed sliding drawers in almost all of the lower cabinets and they might be THE most amazing part of this kitchen renovation! I love that I can pull them out to see what's in the cabinet! Talk about feeling like a new kitchen! Paint is one thing but being able to USE my space more is so rewarding! I'm storing tea, coffee, mason jars, mugs, glass-locks, vitamins, coloring books, diapers, wipes, pots and pans in my lower cabinets now and all of that used to be somewhere else - somehow!

I bought this Canvas Drawer Liner to line my shelves and sliding drawers. I had tried the sticky adhesive kind of shelf paper when we first moved in and had a really tough time with it. I only got one drawer lined and it was so hard to use. This canvas liner, on the other hand, is wonderful and incredibly easy to use! I could not be happier! It's rubbery on the back so it doesn't slip and the canvas feels so nice and soft. Putting away pots and pans has never been so quiet. 😁 I would use it in every drawer and cabinet, and I just might! 

I have two of these madesmart Lazy Susans to store spices in my cabinet, but had never thought to use them in the pantry for my condiments until I saw this photo on Pinterest! Brilliant! 

Another area that needed a little love was the higher shelves in my upper cabinets. It was a a graveyard of baby supplies: baby bottles, pump parts, milk storage bags, a bottle warmer, mesh feeders, baby food containers, and did I mention baby bottles? To clean that space up I used a few of these Water Hyacinth Storage Bins. One bin held all the baby supplies so the other two large ones are actually hiding Christmas gifts right now. 😂 I used the smaller tray to hold cold medicine and teething droppers. I have a bunch of the hyacinth baskets in my pantry as well - they're a great size and very sturdy. 

Once we get our drawers painted I'll be tackling organizing those next! I'm pretty excited about it! I'm not a super neat and tidy person but when I do get something organized I am soooo much better at keeping it that way. Also, it has been my experience that cleanliness = sanity and sanity = a peaceful home. Hugs to you all and thanks for reading along while I share about these little parts of our life right now! xx

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