by christine victoria alexander

Saturday, February 27, 2021


Yesterday was Purim, the holiday that celebrates the Jewish people being saved by the heroism of Queen Esther! It is tradition to dress up, eat hamantaschen (a funny triangle shaped cookie), and read the whole Megillah (the story of Esther). This year I wasn't quite up to hosting my nieces and nephews for our annual hamantaschen/dress up fete, so I set up a little tea party for the girls instead. They dressed up like Queen Esther and ate cucumber sandwiches and hamantaschen while I told them the story of Purim! It was just the low key celebration we needed this year. 💛

I found this set of tea cups on Offer Up last year really cheap and it's been perfect for tea parties with the girls. It's not sentimental to me so if something breaks it's fine, and the girls feel so special getting to use "real tea cups" instead of their toy tea set. (It's also great practice for taking care of nice dishes!) 

I don't know why but it's just my nature to want to make every birthday & holiday feel really special for my girls. Last year I hosted or attended a party for every single holiday on the calendar and it started to feel like I just couldn't keep up. Or sometimes I would have really big ideas of a way to celebrate something and then it wouldn't happen and I would feel like a failure for not celebrating to the max - I mean, you don't get those birthdays back so if you miss the opportunity it's gone! My nature is to make things exciting and fun for everything and if it's not exciting and fun then it's a dud. Are you like that too?
Over the last couple of weeks I've been thinking about what the next few years will look like for us and I realized this: it is okay to make things special in a small way. It still counts. I am still making memories with my girls even if it's not the big colorful celebration that I have planned in my head. I am still making memories with my girls even if we are celebrating at home. I know that with a new baby I won't be able to do all the things for all the birthdays and holidays the way I would might like to, but I'm giving myself grace and planning to celebrate things in a small way this year with my girls. And it will be amazing and so, so special. Yesterday was proof of that. 💛 Chag Purim, sameach! Happy Purim, friends! 

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