by christine victoria alexander

Thursday, March 24, 2022


A little over a year ago I decided to add a master bath remodel to our list of home projects before welcoming baby #4! Quite a few people told me it was a very silly thing to do pregnant since I would lose the use of our primary bath for months and possibly not have it finished by the time our baby arrived. Not to mention pregnancy is already enough, why add a remodel on top of it? But I told them all the same thing... I'd rather do it pregnant than with a newborn! 

The biggest change we made was turning the side wall of the shower into a half wall to open up the room visually and let natural light into the shower. It also added symmetry (and you can never go wrong with symmetry) by framing the bath. I opted for classic box molding instead of more tile on the front of the bath for a softer look. I love it!

It was absolute bliss having a sparkly new bath to soak in during my labor at home. I took my first bath with little baby Violet while the sunset caught the brass and sent little rainbows all over the walls... a memory I treasure. 💛

I love marble and always will. My preference is marble with lots of inky veins but Isaac likes it a little more subtle so we met in the middle with this beautiful Mont Blanc. We found a pair of matching slabs and used one for the tub surround and the other for the two countertops. I had new door and drawer fronts made for the cabinets and painted everything to match in Clare Snow Day

For a room that sees quite a lot of the mundane parts of life, this project has left me gloriously excited to shower and brush my teeth! Let the bubble baths begin! 

Find my inspiration and all the before photos in this post. 


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