by christine victoria alexander

Wednesday, November 16, 2016


We got bundled up last weekend to take advantage of a chilly, autumn morning at Freedom Park. We are seriously going to miss living 2 minutes from this gorgeous place! When we left the house it was crisp and cool and it felt so good to put on a coat (it's November after all!) and really feel the change of seasons. I joke with Isaac all the time that I would be fine living in a place where it's sunny and warm year round, but days like this one make me realize how much I love a little break from the heat. I'm still undecided on winter though...

With Olive growing so fast and the baby inside me changing every week, I find myself wanting to capture our little family as often as possible to hold onto this time before it changes again. I'm a little old fashioned in that I like to have hard copies of my favorite photos. I like to flip through our wedding album and feel the thickness of the pages. I loved putting together Olive's memory book and I've been looking for a similar way to record some of our family's favorite adventures. I'm obsessed with these lay flat albums from Artifact Uprising. (Soooo pretty!) Or for a less expensive option, these books from Blurb are beautiful. Mosaic has an app to create an album straight from your phone that looks super easy to use. Just a few options I thought I'd share with you guys as we head towards the end of the year. =)

Thanks for reading! xo Christine

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