by christine victoria alexander

Wednesday, July 27, 2016


I've always wanted to hike to a waterfall and go swimming and last week that's just what we did! Skinny Dip Falls (the name is deceiving, clothing is not optional!) are tucked away at mile marker 417 off the Blue Ridge Parkway. There aren't any signs so it's easy to miss! The falls were a quick 15-20 minute hike from the road - everything was damp and lush and the trail was kept up nicely.

The falls were so pretty and the water was crystal clear and (refreshingly) ice cold. Olive didn't mind the cold at all and had so much fun standing in the shallow areas finding pebbles to put in her mouth. We took a zillion pictures because everywhere we looked it was just so beautiful! I'm putting Skinny Dip Falls on my list of favorite places in NC.

We had originally planned to hike with a picnic lunch and eat at the falls but decided last minute to pull over near a grassy look out and picnic before we hiked. I'm so glad we did because it would not have been easy to juggle our lunch supplies, bags, baby and camera while sitting on the rocks, not to mention we would have missed out on an incredible view!

Isaac and I want to be an active family that gets out and does stuff and goes places and sees things. A family that has adventures! We were saying on the drive home that it finally feels like we're living that life and we're making some incredible memories along the way. =)

We are thinking about taking a couple little trips next year - what are your favorite places to visit on the East Coast? We would love some ideas!

Thanks for reading! xoxo Christine



  1. How Fabulous!!!! What a great idea during this 100 degree weather... How did you hear of this incredible spot of God's creation? Olivia really looked like she enjoyed the water and something below. Did you see any salamanders? Baby frogs or fishes? What fun. So glad you, Isaac and Baby O are having these wonderful adventures/memories. So Proud of you.

    1. I came across this waterfall when I was searching for hidden waterfalls of NC. I love finding pretty little places that aren't too public (yet). We didn't see any salamanders, frogs or fishes this time... but I think I'm okay with that haha! Love you!

  2. what a fun place to be! super cute swim suit!

  3. Olive is so cute in her little swimsuit! Our baby girl will be 3 months old soon and I can't wait when she starts walking and talking. Have a great weekend!

    1. I remember when O was 3 months old I just couldn't wait to have her walking next to me and babbling "mama" all day and now that she's doing that I'm wishing I had a little tiny baby again to snuggle all day! Every stage of motherhood is so awesome! Thanks for your sweet comment, Miri - hope you had a wonderful weekend!

  4. This place looks amazing!! Love the photos of you and your daughter :) So precious!

    xo Raina


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