by christine victoria alexander

Monday, January 30, 2017


We leave on our babymoon tomorrow! EEK! I'm so excited to take a little trip - I love seeing new places! We're flying into Boston and spending a day there before heading to a spa in Newport, RI for a few days. I think it's going to be a beautiful #winterbabymoon and I'm secretly hoping for a teeny bit of snow to make everything look magical while we're there... we'll see!

In between making a dozen lists (I'm a huge list maker and have about 20 going all the time) and getting things ready for our trip we snuck out to the greenway with Olive for a sunset walk the other night. Everyone we passed had a dog and Olive got excited over every single one! She loves seeing doggies but is still a little nervous when they come up to her to say hi haha
Spending time outside with this little family of mine is one of my favorite things to do - even when it's chilly and our noses are freezing!

I came across this video on Apartment Therapy of 9 Habits To Make You Happier At Home and had to link it here because it's so cute and I agree with (and practice!) all 9 habits. =)

Hope you all have a beautiful week!


Sunday, January 8, 2017


First snow in our new home! Here in Charlotte, snow is a big deal. Schools literally close for just TALK of potential flurries. So you can imagine our excitement when we woke up to a winter wonderland this weekend! It snowed a whopping 1 inch and we couldn't wait to bundle up and get outside to play in it! =)

I remember last winter it snowed (quite a bit more than an inch) and I pulled Olive's pack'n'play up to the window so she could see outside. She was too tiny to play and we stayed in and watched the snow fall from our window. This year she was so excited to go outside - we had a blast running around the backyard seeing everything icy and glistening. The trees looked like they were covered in twinkle lights the way the sun was hitting them! I am not a cold weather person but there is something so beautiful about seeing the whole world covered in a blanket of white.

The last couple weeks we've been trying to knock out some home projects and we're just about finished! We painted our fireplace white and it's totally transformed our living room - I love how much brighter everything looks (just in time to start shopping for spring decor ;-)!  Isaac is building me a pantry since there were no shelves in the pantry when we moved in. It's coming along nicely and I'm hoping to have all the jars and dry goods off my dining room table by next week! haha

Hope you all are enjoying the weather wherever you are - have a beautiful week! xoxo Christine

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