by christine victoria alexander

Monday, July 11, 2016


My baby is ONE! We had so much fun celebrating her birthday with her aunts and uncles and cousins and grandparents this weekend! I know it's normal to focus on the birthday as the big day, but I really want this birthday (and every birthday) to be about the 365 days that came before it and all the little moments that made up Olive's first year.

Isaac and I have some fun plans for the next year with our little toddler which hopefully include buying a house, a lot of weekend adventures and maybe some traveling! 

10 random facts about my one-year-old:

When she's done eating she throws whatever food is left on her tray onto the floor, peeks over the side of her high chair at it and giggles.

She wakes me up around 7 every morning with, "Mamaaaa? MAAAAMAAAA!"

She comes running into the kitchen when she hears the refrigerator door being opened.

Whatever was worth crying over is instantly not important the minute we walk outside.

She firmly believes sweet potato has no business being a part of her diet. 

She loves digging in the dirt! And also loves licking her dirt covered hands. Part of me fears it's a lack of iron and that I need to feed her more beet greens. The other part of me is happy to know her little immune system will be stronger than ever.

She will make music with whatever you give her.

She has the same body temperature as Isaac which means she could sleep naked with a fan blowing on her and still be sweating at night.

If it were up to her she would eat tomatoes, grapes and blueberries for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

She has the biggest grin and the cutest laugh and no day is complete without 1000 kisses and hugs!



  1. This is so adorable! She sounds like the most precious girl ever! Happy Birthday!

    <3 Amanda
    Satin Sundays

  2. Amazing! SUCH a beautiful babe!

    ~ Michaela Foster


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