by christine victoria alexander

Monday, July 18, 2016


Yesterday we took Olive to the Charlotte Nature Museum to see the butterflies! It was amazing! I loved standing still and just watching all the butterflies float around me - they look like CGI the way they flap their wings in almost slow motion. My day was made when one of them decided to come sit on my hand. I most definitely got a selfie with it =) Olive was a little distracted though...this girl loves getting her hands in the dirt. I wish the butterflies had been more of an attraction for her but she was honestly more interested in digging holes in the garden beds. Next time we'll just take her to Lowes. Lol. We tried something new this time and had Isaac take the pictures using my Canon instead of me snapping pics on my iPhone and I'm so impressed with his skills! Didn't he do a great job? Now if I can just talk him into doing this for me every

Have a great week, friends! xoxo Christine 



  1. "Next time we'll just take her to Lowes" haha! I love that dress!

    1. Seriously though, she'd be like a kid in a candy store at Lowes! Haha Thanks, beautiful! xoxo


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