by christine victoria alexander

Wednesday, December 21, 2016


We found out what we're having and it's a..... GIRL! We are so excited to have another little princess in this house! I just know she and Olive are going to be the best of friends. Olive hugs and pats my baby bump all the time and just today said "Baby" for the first time while we were sitting on the couch together. Whenever we see a baby out in public or in a magazine or even on Instagram Olive lets out the cutest little squeal (it's actually the same squeal she makes when she sees a cute puppy haha) so I'm pretty sure when she meets her little sister she will be over the moon!

When we went for our ultrasound we had no idea what we were having - I think I changed my mind on if it was a boy or girl a dozen times during the last 5 months! I was counting down the days till I could see our little baby on the screen moving and wiggling and turning around. I love watching the heart beat and the tiny swallows and those little fingers clasping and unclasping. It's just as amazing the second time around. =) 

We tried using these BABY balloons again but without the helium this time and they were a lot easier to handle! I wanted to order a cake topper from Etsy but ran out of time so I made mine a couple hours before the party with a piece of watercolor paper and a box cutter. Haha #diywin!

And since everyone is asking... yes, we have a name! Nope, we're not sharing it yet. I don't know if we'll be able to keep it hush hush until the birth (or if we even want to!), but for now we're keeping it to ourselves. =) 

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