by christine victoria alexander

Tuesday, April 28, 2020


We celebrated our April birthday babies with a spring planting party last weekend! The girls and I have been reading lots of books about bees, butterflies and flowers and it sparked some interest when I suggested we throw a planting party for Madeline's 1st and Rosie's 3rd birthdays this month. We've planted quite a few shrubs since buying our home, but no flowers. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to fill our beds with blooms and let some eager little hands help us in the process.

Our backyard is partly shaded so I chose flowers that (I am hoping!) will do well in dappled sunlight: Endless Summer hydrangeas, Blue Moon phlox, Jacob's ladder, Bernadine clematis, foxgloves, comfrey (a gift from my mom!), and Birch Hybrid bellflower. I also found a couple of Madison Star Jasmine plants which can grow in full shade or full sun! Rosie received a hummingbird feeder and a butterfly bush for her birthday so we can add hummingbirds and butterflies to our list of backyard visitors now, too! 

I thought my nieces and nephews would enjoy filling the clay pots on my deck steps with herbs and flowers, but they were really only interested in helping Uncle Isaac plant the big stuff in the ground 😂 can't blame them, Uncle Isaac is pretty cool.

I would usually write up an emotional post about my sweet squishy Madeline baby turning one and how bittersweet it is to move from the baby stage to the toddler stage, but I'm really not ready to process all of that right now. Madeline isn't walking yet, in fact she just started standing for a few seconds here and there - so she is still my sweet squishy Madeline baby. She just learned how to clap and it's so cute! She claps and she smiles and she dances!

Rosie told everyone last year she was turning 9 and this year she's been telling everyone she's turning 5. Moving in the right direction! We are starting to see quite a lot of personality from our little Ro-boat. She likes clothes to fit a certain way and if they don't meet her requirements they might as well be packed away for Madeline. Rosie does not like to get dirty but she loves playing outside! We bought her a scooter for her birthday and she was so excited about it she kept sneaking people off to the garage during the party to see it. 😂

A big, big thank you to all the aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents that came out to help us dig and plant Sunday morning! We had so much fun and our little girls felt so special!  I wish I had gotten more pictures during the party, but I just never remember!

Hope you are all enjoying this beautiful spring weather! xx 


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