by christine victoria alexander

Saturday, January 18, 2020


Several months ago we decided to breathe a little life into our sad, unused sitting room and create a space for music, reading, learning and playing. A space where the girls could color, do puzzles, get out the train set, curl up with a book, dress their dolls, or play a game. I wanted them to be able to make a mess, but also have places to put away all their toys.

I started with paint. I'm slowly painting our whole house white but this room faces north and was begging for a richer color. I chose Benjamin Moore Hale Navy. It's a no-fail navy and a great color for a room that wants to feel cozy or sophisticated. We painted the trim the same color as the walls, which is very classic. I love how it looks!

We added drawers to the shelving units to hold puzzles, games and coloring books. I used baskets to organize their books and toys.

I went into this project a little confused about what I wanted this space to be. A playroom? A music room? A school room? A library? I think, for that reason, I ended up with confused results. Now, months after starting this project, I realize what I wanted all along was a sweet, happy little place to play that reflected my three happy little girls. What I ended up with was a room that isn't quite sure what to call itself. The girls love playing in here and I'm happy to finally be using this room, but it's missing the airy, whimsical feel that I like my spaces to have.

I'd like to come back to this room with fresh eyes and tweak it a little. I didn't quite nail it on the first try, but the second time around I will know what I want! For now we have a cozy music-library-play room! =)

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