by christine victoria alexander

Wednesday, December 16, 2020


People assume because I post pictures of painted dreidels and colored pictures that I am an arts and crafts mom. I am not. I love the arts, not so much the crafts. Over here we do all the painting, drawing, watercolors, pastels and crayons, but you won't find any Elmers glue or popsicle sticks at my house! I am so excited to see my love of the arts being passed down to my girls! Olive is an incredible artist - I just bought her two new sketch books to fill during nap time. I have stacks of her pictures saved to frame once we paint her room. She loves drawing and her pictures are so happy! Rosie enjoys drawing too, but I think she might lean more towards music. She recently discovered the piano and doesn't even change out of her pajamas before sitting down to play in the mornings. She can't wait to take lessons from her aunt when she gets a little bigger. It makes me so happy to have a home filled with music and drawing and laughter all day! It's like living in a toddler version of Little Women! 😂

Today we didn't have anywhere to be, so we pulled out our watercolors and painted dreidels for Hanukkah! I was a little nervous it might be a huge mess letting paints loose with three children under 5 at the table, but I was pleasantly surprised! We spent about an hour painting away and then cleaned up for lunch. The watercolors were a lot more manageable than acrylic paints and aside from the little bowls of water my only cleanup was wiping the table down after we finished. I let the dreidels dry on paper towels while we ate lunch and then used a black sharpie to write the Hebrew letters on them. I know these will make me smile every year when I pull out our Hanukkah bin! 

Hope you are all having a wonderful Hanukkah week! Tag me in your photos if you try painting dreidels! xx


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