by christine victoria alexander

Thursday, May 14, 2020


Meet our newest addition. We decided it was about time these girls had a dollhouse! I picked one out online to order as a gift for all three of them with birthday money from their great grandfather. Unfortunately, it was backordered until June. While I was doing my weekly browse through Next-door's for sale section I stumbled upon the exact same dollhouse we were planning to order, for a fraction of the price, only this one came filled with Calico Critters and furniture! I couldn't believe it. We picked it up on Mother's Day and I joked with Isaac that it was one of the best Mother's Day gifts I've received because I'm just as excited to play with it as the girls!
Thank you, Poppop, for sending birthday money to the girls so we could buy this beautiful gift. I hope it is something that we will enjoy forever. 

The little chairs are also new (to us)! Our handyman surprised the girls with them while he was building our deck! I gave them a couple coats of paint and I could not love them more! You know what they say about DIY - one project quickly leads to another. Well it's true. I can't stop. Let the transformations begin!


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